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The Tesla car of hosiery – Swedish Stockings

This is how a startup looks in 2016: two Swedish ladies decide to make environmentally friendly tights. And they are so right - most of the material used in tights are not recycled, and even the yarn manufactur...

Cozy and soft with Lemoncollections

Ever felt that you need more softness in your life? The Lemon Collections are focusing on women's loungewear, and are also selling scarves, hats, gloves, ponchos, wrist warmers, slippers, socks, and probabl...

Heist – the new Wolford?

We have discovered Heist Studios a while ago. I think it was last Christmas when I bought a few pairs to my dear love, and the reason was simple: the hosiery came at the price level of Wolford. So my beloved...

Adrian tights for men at Activskin.com

Four styles of the famous Adrian tights have landed at the Activskin shop, offering a new level of style & comfort for the Men Who Dare. We are showing the famous Roger style, with a built-in sock and a ...

Brilliant tattoo tights from Ireland

There are only a few inventions happening in the field of hosiery nowadays, but the Irish team of Stop and Stare came up with an excellent idea: tattoos printed onto nude tights / pantyhose. They became ...